More than a blog, a gateway to my creative thoughts

It's been a while since I wanted to set up a blog and start writing stuff no one will read. I mean, I come from the IT world where "good" developers usually have their own blogging spaces, filled with technical articles. It's a great way to show off your skills and I'm for all it, I mean, I use these articles all the time in my daily coding job. But here's my problem with limiting your website to being just a blog (technical or not).

I try very hard to keep both sides of my brain from not atrophying each other. I don't like to engage in pure, rational, logical activities 24/7 and I question tech people's motives to work on purely programming projects all the time (usually on weekends), as if virtue-signaling that they are true engineers.

I very much prefer _why's way of going about it: using technology to build something fun, weird, quirky, queer, whatever. It's an end, not a means. I also crave for irrational, intuitive, crazy, artsy stuff. If I can use programming as a tool to enable it, that's great but there's more to creativity than that. Which brings me back to the initial point I was trying to make.

This website is more than a blog for me. It's where I intend to share all the craziness of my thought processes, whether I'm in input mode or output mode, related to programming or not. It's a journal where I'll chime in on generic subjects that occupy my mind. It's a log where I document my Japanese learning process. It's a bookmarking/reviewing tool where I share my thoughts on books, podcasts, movies. It's a portfolio, where I share my current projects. It's a gateway to my creative thoughts.