As a student, I've always had this attitude of trying to understand ideas in my own terms and this has been true even during my academic journey, where you supposedly have access to top-notch teachers. Anyway, autodidactism has always been a way for me to be in control of a well-established narrative, only the narrative is to be told by someone I fully trust won't twist or flower or complicate (basically me hehe).

Until 2018, I'd worked on Quero Education's Quero Bolsa to help Brazilian college students choose and enroll in the best programs they could afford. It was my first and only job right out of college and I absolutely loved every minute of the ride. To be able to change people's live through education is very rewarding but I felt that it was time for me to move on to something else, after working there for almost 8 years.

By the time I was leaving, Quero Education had recently invested in an ed-tech startup called Classpert, an online course / MOOC search engine, founded by Felipe Mattosinho and Felipe Bernardes. Upon hearing my want-out, FJ (which is how we endearingly address Mattosinho to disambiguate the Felipes) called me and offered me a web developer role there. I couldn't be more excited ! I would be working on an education startup, on a global scale, on something that always made sense to me: online course and self-motivated education.

The idea behind Classpert is to help people navigate in the vast sea that is the landscape of MOOCs that exist today. You see, MOOcs not only are a thing today but are a very competitive one.

You have MOOC providers like Udemy, with its focus on single-course, almost always cheap, no string attached model very appealing to makers and people seeking knowledge on very specific subjects. There's also Coursera, EdX, Udacity and FutureLearn which usually offer MOOCs from prestigious universities, providing tools for progression and completion like quizzes, assessments, online discussions with staff and other students, and even handing out certificates ratified by the same universities (good for credits and job hunting). You can even graduate on a totally MOOC-oriented basis on these platforms, though prices are usually steeper. Other providers like Pluralsight, Treehouse, Skillshare focus more on acquiring technical skills and official tech certifications.

Given that many options, it's no wonder that it's a mess for anyone to look for the perfect choice. Google works but barely since it's not focused on MOOCs. It's only natural that there must be some place where you can search specifically for MOOCs, on many providers. Enter

On, you can search for the course's name, filter based on price range, provider, language options and check information like duration, pace and even watch a video preview. We currently offer about 150K online courses from 26 e-learning platforms (and growing).

It's a wonderful website that was primarily born out of our necessity to search for online courses and not be totally overwhelmed by that. We believe this tool will help others too!

If you have any questions regarding, drop us a message here, we'll be glad to talk to you, even if it's just a mere hello :)